Services and Price List

Services and Price List

Free assessment
Complete the Contact form with as much information as you know about the project you are interested in pursuing and I will advise you of what the estimated costs would be.

Initial Consultation – $100 CDN
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Includes 3 hours of research time, during which I will review all the family information that you supply, begin exploring historical records to find evidence that supports this information and expands upon it, and then document the findings to share with you in a detailed report.

Note: Positive results cannot be guaranteed, however, I will do my best to uncover any information that can be reasonably found within the time allotted for a research request.

Hourly rate – $40 CDN
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The initial three hours of research is $75.00 CDN and all subsequent hours of research are billed at an hourly rate of $30.00 CDN.

Notes on rates:

The number of hours required to complete a research project may vary depending on what the client needs are, how much information they already know about their family and how easily the records can be accessed. If they are only interested in tracing a few generations on their father’s family line, that is likely to take considerably less time than researching a complete family tree as far back as it can go.

I have access to a number of paid research subscriptions which I use as part of my regular research service. On occasion, it happens that documents must be ordered from distant archives or repositories or fees must be paid to access specialty online collections. These additional costs and the reason for their need will be communicated to the customer for approval prior to proceeding with that avenue of research.

Per-Record Lookup

Individual records can be searched by request. The fee depends on the availability of the record, and the time and cost required to locate and obtain it. The per-record lookup option applies to the following circumstances:

  1. when you know the location and details of a specific record you wish to obtain, and I go to that archive to retrieve a copy of the record for you
  2. when you would like my assistance in ordering a copy of a document from a specific archive, either by regular mail, online, or by fax.

Please contact me using the online form or the email address or phone number below if you are interested in finding individual records.

Document Transcription or Translation
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Many historical documents are written in handwriting which can be challenging to read. I am adept at deciphering many styles of handwriting and I am fluent in French so can transcribe any historical documents in French or English you are not able to decipher on your own.

This service is charged at a rate of $20 per page. You may purchase multiples of this service for longer documents. Once payment has been made, I will contact you to obtain the document(s).

Organizing Documents

Have you inherited a box of assorted family papers and would like some advice on what to do with them.  I can help you organize and examine these documents and determine if they hold any important genealogical information that could lead to new discoveries. Please contact me using the email address or phone number below.

Methods of Payment

Payment can be made via PayPal, or by cheque (bank drafts or money orders also accepted). If submitting payment by cheque, please contact me using the email address or phone number below and I will provide you with the mailing address.

Contact info

Nicole Patterson-Adams, BA, MLIS, PLCGS

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