Research Services


FREE Consultation

In this 30 minute phone session, we will discover what you already know about your family, and what you hope to uncover. We will evaluate the information provided and determine if we’re able to help you. Complete the  Consultation Request form to get started.


Family Tree building

After completing your initial consultation, we’ll move on to the research.

We start with the details you provide and then search historical records to reach back as far into your family’s past as we can.  We’ll present the results in a sourced online tree and a detailed report.  All documents found will be provided in digital form.

Cost: – $ 40.00 per hour. (Canadian funds)

Save with packages:

  • 5 hrs- $180
  • 8 hrs- $300
  • 12 hrs- $450

Each level includes:

  • a 30 minute consultation
  • a 90 minute ZOOM session where we’ll reveal the discoveries.

Family Tree Review Service

We can review your research and help identify avenues for future research. This can be helpful when:

  • You’ve gotten stuck with your research and don’t know where to look next.
  • Your online tree has become untidy or unmanageable and you don’t know how to fix it.

Cost: – $ 40.00 per hour. (Canadian funds)