About Me

Nicole Patterson-Adams – Owner, Lead researcher

profile pic 2021

I have been been passionate about family history research for over 30 years and have sought to continually develop my research skills and use them to assist others in discovering more about their own ancestry.

I am based in the Toronto area, Ontario, Canada


  • Canadian, Scottish and English records
  • Online tree analysis – assisting with cleanup of unorganized trees
  • Coaching and training in research methodology
  • Genetic Genealogy – helping to interpret DNA test results to break down brick walls.  Experience with AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and GEDMatch.
  • Descendancy research – tracking forward in time to determine how DNA cousins are related


  • Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS)
  • Master of Library Science (MLIS)
  • Bachelor of Arts – French (BA)


  • Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists
  • Society of Genealogists
  • National Genealogical Society
  • Ontario Ancestors (formerly Ontario Genealogical Society)

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